As part of our ambitions towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling, Max Recycle offers Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR). This means that instead of you segregating your dry, recyclable waste into different bins, most of your waste goes into the one bin – we do the segregation for you!

Max Recycle DMR Packaged Service gives you significant benefits – It’s simple and efficient and helps minimise landfill, assists you with recycling, improves your environmental credentials and saves you money. All of the DMR waste is recycled.

Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

(DMR) includes:

– Cardboard & Boxes
– Paper
– Newspapers
– Plastic Bottles
– Plastic Films
– Hard Plastics
– Steel & Aluminium Cans

The Max Recycle DMR Packaged Service will save you money on every litre of waste collected from your business. How? Your overall waste capacity is the same – an additional bin gives you more room for DMR.

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