Recycling in Lytham St Anne’s

Max Recycle provides Reliable and Compliant Recycling in Lytham St Anne’s  at sustainable rates, covering the costs of Transport, Legitimate Disposal and/or Recycling, clearly stating any associated cost of Disposal Taxes.

The Landfill Directive requires that waste be ‘pre-treated’ before it goes to landfill in an effort to recycle as much re-useable material as possible. With rising landfill taxes and the impact landfill has on our environment it is desirable to minimise landfill.

Recycling in Lytham St Anne's

Recycling in Lytham St Anne’s

Waste materials can be recycled and as part of the Max Recycle ambitions towards Landfill Minimisation and Recycling we are providing a Packaged Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) service.

When you use Recycling in Lytham St Anne’s  service it means that instead of you segregating your dry, recyclable waste into different bins, most of your waste goes into the one bin – we do the segregation for you!

Recycling Made Easy
Max Recycle Recycling in Lytham St Anne’s  Service gives you significant benefits – It simple and efficient and significantly helps minimise landfill, assists you with recycling, improves your environmental credentials and saves you money.

All of the DMR waste is recycled.

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