DMR Plastic Waste Recycling Solutions

DMR Plastic Waste Recycling Solutions

Plastic packaging, films and wrappers are big news in the media at the moment because of their negative effect on the environment when incorrectly disposed of.

Max Recycle are here to help through a committed approach to correctly recycling your plastics & disposing of your waste. We believe in a better and greener future for waste disposal and recycling.

By using our DMR services (Dry Mixed Recycling) we provide a simple way for you to recycle your business & commercial waste. By providing a dedicated  wheeled bin for all your cardboard & boxes, paper, newspapers, plastic bottles, plastic films, hard plastics, and steel & aluminium cans, we take the stress out of recycling by segregating and recycling your waste for you.

This effective approach minimises the impact of plastics on the environment, making sure they are recycled and disposed of correctly instead of ending up in landfill potentially harming the environment.

Our DMR service is simple, efficient, minimises landfill, assists you with recycling, improves your environmental credentials and saves you money long term.

ALL of the DMR waste we receive is correctly recycled!

If you want to save money & minimise your wastes effect on the environment contact us for more information.

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